Investor of the project:
"SIM - Invest" Ltd..

Headquarters and management address:
City of Smolyan, Elin Pelin st. N 6
Tax number of registration: 4210000459
Bulstat: 120557876

Architectural studio "OMEGA"
Architects: Mr Ivan Bitrakov, Mr Konstantin Antonov

Construction Control
"Stroykontrol" Ltd.

Accomplished projects
Holiday apartments Vista Del Mar - Ravda

Current projects
Holidays Apartments Vista Del Mar - Sunny Beach/Saint Vlas

Exclusive holidays apartments Villa Bella - Ravda

The founders of company "SIM invest" Ltd. are the owners of companies "Alma Holidays" Ltd. and "Globus 2000" Ltd.

Alma Holidays Ltd. Globus 2000 Ltd.

ALMA HOLIDAYS Ltd. is a wide-profiled tourist company with strategic interests in the development of the following major fields:

  • Hotel accommodation and service of foreign tourist – the company owns hotel "Jasmine" ** /200 beds/ / in Sunny Beach resort. Another hotel block is expected to be put into operation in the summer of 2006 and that will increase the capacity of the complex up to 400 beds in total. The company is also representative of foreign tour operators in the country, provides rent-a-car, transport and other services for foreign tourists.

  • Tour operator activities - licensed tour operator with its own charter programsto Turkey /Marmaris, Bodrum, Antalya/, Egypt /Cairo, Hurghada/, Tunisia /Monastir, Hammamet, Sousse/, Dubai and has leading positions on the Bulgarian tourist market. It provides also bus programs for Kusadasi, Marmaris, Bodrum, Istanbul, Ohrid, Greece, Croatia etc., individual and group hotel reservations in the country and abroad, round tours, specialized, business and congress tourism.

  • Investments and construction activities – building and sales through firms within the company’s structure of housing complexes with flats for seasonal use in the resorts of Sunny Beach, Ravda, St Vlass, Sozopol; management and exploitation maintenance of holiday apartments; guaranteeing productivity of the investments in real estate, VIP services etc.

In June 2005, the company’s first project of that type was opened – "BARCO DEL SOL". It was realized together with the construction-investment firm "Barco" Ltd.

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The firm "Globus 2000" Ltd. was established in 1998.

The main subject of the company’s activity is hotel and restaurant management, construction and trade.

The big number of various commercial sites which Globus 2000 manages through the years of its existence contributes to the solid experience at all personnel levels in the company.

Here are some of the most important accents of the activity of Globus 2000:

1998 – Restaurant "Globus" was built and opened in the city of Plovdiv. It managed to get its way within a very short period due to its exceptional qualities and good prices.

1999-2001 - A chain of 11 fast-food restaurants was developed in the institutions of higher education in Plovdiv and Smolyan. Another two new restaurants were opened which are managed by the company in Plovdiv and Smolyan.

2002 - – Hostel "Kokiche" was bought in Sunny Beach resort. The site was completely renovated and started to function as a hostel during the whole year. Restaurant "Kokiche" was built in the same complex – a reserved brand for high quality in Sunny Beach even today.

2003 - Due to the partnership with tour operator "ALMA HOLIDAYS" the function of hostel "Kokiche" was changed into a 2* hotel. A large-scale reconstruction of the base was made so as to be reached the necessary level for the categorization. The capacity of the hotel was increased up to 250 beds. The existing restaurant was reconstructed and extended. An outdoor pool with a bar was built and opened. The complex began to function as a two star hotel and receive foreign and Bulgarian tourists.

2004 - In complex "Kokiche" a new block was built with which the capacity of the hotel reached 400 beds. The restaurant area was extended with a second floor and a new kitchen block was also built. The furnishing of the hotel is being gradually replaced. It is set up together with hotel "Jasmine" – newly built by Alma Holidays, the integral complex "Sunny Garden" who becomes more and more popular on the foreign market. Accommodations are provided for tourists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, the Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Denmark as well as from many other nationalities. The complex is very popular on the Bulgarian market, too.

2005 - Another widening of hotel "Kokiche" was made reaching the bed capacity of 260 rooms and 6 apartments /540 beds/. A terrace bar, internet club, games room as well as a new indoor extension to the restaurant were also constructed.

2006 - The construction of a city hotel with 25 rooms and a shopping center was initiated near the luxuriously renovated restaurant “Globus” in Plovdiv.